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Update from Abby. :-) I'm going to try to update this quotes list at least once a week. New quotes will be written in bold so that you don't have to read all the quotes every time you're here. Unless, of course, you just want to. So, new quotes will be written in bold font and will remain in bold for one month. After that, they will be returned to their normal font with the rest of the quotes. Sound good? Sounds good to me, too. Hooray!

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"Only the mediocre are always at their best."
~Jean Giraudoux

"Oops! I ate something. Don't tell God."
~Julie Alley before we prayed over dinner

"Oops! I dropped my weed."
~Sandra Lehsten in reference to a dandelion

"Our book managed to find a woman!"
~Professor Jodi Jobuck

"Out of sight, out of mind, and off the hips."
~Claire Reinhart (after hiding a can of Pringles from Abby Grebe)

"Penlessness. It's a terrible thing."
~Abby Grebe

"Peter couldn't walk straight cause he always had his foot in his mouth."

~Benj Derkin

"Pink, purple, or crayon?" ~Sandra Lehsten
"What, does this crayon not have a color?" ~Abby Grebe

"Please put down a working phone number."
~Professor Alvenia McQueen (when asking students to write their information for class)

"Put that cicada down and then we'll talk."
~Alex Greene

"Quote me! Quote me!"
~Luke Fetterman

"Real love is always fated. It has been arranged before time. It is the most meticulously prepared of coincidences. And fate, of course, is simply a secular term for the will of God, and coincidence for His grace."
~Joshua Harris

"Religion and food and people and food are often brought together with some really interesting results."
~Professor Russell Bodi

"Right. Tartar. Like Tartar bus."
~Dave Frye

"See, if you put a turtle in there, it just wouldn't work as well."
~Joyce Kilpatric

"See, there's this filter in your head that says, 'Good idea?' or 'Bad idea?' There comes a point where the filter goes to sleep while the rest of the body stays awake."
~Joe Metter

"She bought a gun, Brandon. That's generally a good sign your relationship isn't doing well."
~Andrew Colchagoff

"She even invented 'Do-It-Yourself Mondays'! Help!"
~Michael Villines regarding fluctuating dinner times at home

"She gathers me, man, the pieces that I am. She gathers them and gives them back to me in all the right order."
~Toni Morrison

"She's not saying that to a guy. She's saying that to Dave Frye."
~Dave Frye

"Six divided by four does not equal two for you!"
~Kevin Fay (in reference to sharing pillows on the sofa)

"So, I had this head pie the other day. There wasn't much to it but it was still pretty good."
~Juli Sneider

"So, I went to the cigar affair today. I'm thinking I shouldn't have done that."
~Will Harbauer

"So, if I were to eat your hair when it was long, I would think it was angel food cake?"
~Aimee Reid

"So this large black man walks in. Some bad stuff happens. And then my doctor walks in."
~Dave Frye

"Some people are like slinkies. They are not really good for anything... But they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs."
~Jill Hamilton

"Some people are so godly that they do no earthly good."
~Pastor David Bayly (I think. Feel free to correct me if someone else said that.)

"Stop here and wait for directions." ~Abby Grebe
"But can I go in now?" ~Tricia Villines
"No. That's why the sign says, 'Stop here and wait for directions.'" ~Abby

"Telling a girl she's fat is like telling a policeman, 'I have a gun! I'm going to shoot you with it!'"
~Heidi Turner
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