Boy, I'm Ya Daddy

Well, here you have it, a table-less front page. Inspired by my latest thrift store CSS book. Before you know it, I might actually start doing something useful with this site.... Maybe not. Oh, and Boy I'm Ya Daddy has been uploaded for some time, but I just now am calling attention to it on the front page. Lazy me.

So the crew got together last Christmas break, and we made a movie. We are calling it Merry Christmas Max Gibson, I recommend you go and watch it. This is the first movie Chris has ever edited, and he is very proud of it. I would have to say he did an excellent job of editing. Enjoy!

This update is from Mexico. Before I left, Luke gave me 4 new videos that he finished editing. I take no responsibility. He did the editing, and uhhh yeah... I just uploaded them. Well Have fun, We have for you today a new more extreme, a new flip n chris show, narcoff, and last but not least, The thing that lives in Chris's Dad's Pond!! Like I Said... I assume no responsibilty, for making these movies or for injury recieved while watching these movies.

Here it is! the php version of PopJump3! I have gone through and re-written much of the site, so that everything is xhtml compliant instead of html, and i have incorperated php into most of my pages. these upgrades will not change th look of the site a whole lot, however they will make it easier for me to make chanages. Noteable visible appearance changes include, reflections below images, and a fading background. However underneath all that is a vastly different code base. And no-one cares... sorry folks, the lastest videos have been put on hold because of uknown reasons. One thing for sure is that we did film a new More Extreme. If we ever edit it, I am sure you all will enjoy it.

I lied... I said i was not going to bother to fix the Internet Explorer problems, and now i have gone and found a solution to one. I have made an alternative css file for computers using internet explorer 6, so that the page doesn't load all strung out like it did before on IE. The funny thing about this is that now that I fixed the site for IE 6, IE 7 has gone public, only one day before I i manage to fix the problem, Microsoft makes sure they have it adequately broken again, heres a concept... Use FireFox Instead of IE 7.

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