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Well this is another update, after a lot of work on the site, it has come to my attention that some things here will not load correctly on Internet Explorer. I have decided that I do not care, I have a link for people to download Firefox, and if they do not want to do that, then they can put up with load errors. everything works, it just works in a less elegant way than was intented if you are using IE. Sorry, but absolutely no work has been done on Vampire Edition or Mystery Jungle. I am still waiting on that game...

More Extreme 4, Vampire Edition is in the works. We have completed the filming, and half of the editing. As soon as I can get a chance to talk to Luke about borrowing his Mickey Mania carteridge, The rest of the editing will take place. Mystery Jungle has been postponed in favor of finishing More Exteme 4 Vampire Edition. On top of this, Hops has been finished, and is up in the Movie Section. Until Next Time...

Since I am sick with somthing that causes insomnia and a sore throat (really, I couldn't sleep last night, even though i was up for hours and hours before that) I am updating my site on almost a daily basis. today I added a quote from lukes site, thats right I cant get quotes on my own.

I applied frames to the site, now people wont get counted as second visitors if they click one of my back links. Also added some more quotes, along with custom scroll bars for sites larger than your brower. Last but certainly not least, I added an are you sure page for the idiot thing,(I keep clicking on it when I test all my links before I upload)

Welcome to my site, this is a site where I will put pointless stuff, (like parodies of parodies, or maybe even pictures of my fridge).