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From now on the Quotes Section of the site will be edited by Abby Noonan, because she is a keeper of many quotes. I am also turning over the editing of that page to her because I have not put up any new material in a long long time. That page will be worth takin a look at soon enough.

Welp, we got more new movies, or rather, old movies... I Got a dump of uncompressed movie files from Luke, and now all of those movies are up on the site. the lowest four movies in the "Movies" section just went up for all of the public to enjoy!

More Extreme IV Vampire Edition is Here! Go watch it.

I took down the guest book because somone's been feedin it to the bots. Im sick of cleaning up after bandwidth hogging posts, this is the second time a bot has found a guestbook and posted pointless stuff. Now all I need to do is figure out a way to edit EVERY single html file on this site so that the guestbook link isnt under all of our noses anymore. If anyone knows how to put html into a css file in order to use the same code for a section of a thousand pages, please let me know, becuase I am certainly not going thu all of these files.

Went to Melo-Creme today, and david ordered a shushi, withe syrup in a seperate cup. He was WIRED (Ask Chris).
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